"WE DA BEARS" is the best Chicago Bears Anthem since the SuperBowl Shuffle Fans from all over the world have visited www.bighitbuda.com to download "We Da Bears".  Big Hit Buda & TiL Dawn, started marketing this song at training camp scrimmages the same year the Bears made their SuperBowl run in 2006 season.  Armed with 200 cd's and a confident believe that this song has the potential to become world-reknown, Buda & TiL Dawn hit the parking lots of Soldier Field during the first home game.  After an initial level of resistance to their approach, fans from all demographics agreed to let Buda play "We Da Bears" in their stereos.  Their responses were filled with excitement over the song and instantly the brothers knew this song had the "hit" factor.  One of the fans sent the song to Johnathan Brandmeier aka Johnny B. of the Loop Rock Station.  Johnny B "absolutely loves it" and began putting it in rotation in the weeks following Bears victories.  Shortly after, KISS FM heard the song and came up with the idea of having a citywide "KISS DA BEARS" anthem contest.  Submissions came from all over the city and they heard all of what  Chicagoans had to offer for DA BEARS theme songs.  After several weeks of competition, "WE DA BEARS" stood out as the best Bears Anthem resulting in 2 tickets to the Green Bay vs Bears game.  The action continued with The Loop.  They had Big Hit & TiL Dawn perform at the House of Blues at a Christmas variety show hosted by Johnny B.  They also competed in Bears song contest in front of a few thousand fans at 115 Bourbon street bar for a $5000 grand prize.  The prize did include exclusive broadcasting rights so Buda & Tha Brown Pound didn't feel comfortable with that stipulation but were extremely grateful for the love and opportunities.  "We Da Bears" was featured on a CBS Morning News Show and Tha Brown Pound performed live on WGN Morning News 3 different times.  Now, after thousands of downloads and requests for a version that will last over the coming years, TiL Dawn Productions, re-recorded, remixed and released the newest version which is available for a free download and also for purchase via iTunes.  Below you'll find find actual responses from Bears Fan Forums, Myspace, BigHitBuda.com and more. Bears Fan Forum Responses I'm a 41 year old conservative white guy living amongst the farm fields of central Illinois, but I gotta say, that was cool (phat). Nicely done Brother Bear! Pretty cool. I hate rap music but like this song. Good job and good luck. That track is sick -- I got goosebumps listening to it. Can't wait to play it in front of all my Viking friends. Good work!! OutFLIPPINGstanding track. I can't wait to send link to some friends of mine. (Packer and Falcon fans).?IT IS A MUST HEAR! I'm a lilly-white, 43 year-old civil-rights-lovin' liberal, and it was too easy for me too love that song!! Awesome! Even tho I don't get this rap thing you kids are into.  Will e-mail the link to Bear friends and family i heard this on the radio yesterday This track kicks ass..  All other NFL fans I know will here this sh__!.. Thanks for the track! Good stuff here...I think this should replace that bs Go Wack Go crap at Lame Blow. www.webwaymonsters.com Okay, shockingly, it wasn't that bad - it was actually pretty good I was expecting this to be really bad. But to my surprise it was good. Welcome to the board. Fellas, that was Outstanding! ?I can't wait to hear that played to highlights of our Super Bowl run! It's like the superbowl shuffle.....only done by DMX Ha! Not bad at all. I'll pass it on... www.scout.com MYSPACE RESPONSES Best song EVER!! I need to add "We Da Bears" That song is a must. I really love the bears song its great cause im a major bears fan have been since i was little keepem coming!! that's a Hot new track!!!!! But that BEARS joint!!!! when am I going to hear that at Soldier Field?????? I can't get that out of my head. I have it already...I play it all the time in the car on the way to work (and back). justed wanted to give you guys props. love your music esp. the chicago bears song.. that is a great song. i listen to it pretty much everyday but esp before game time! it helps pump me up... hope you guys make it big soon! take care and keep representin chitown.. Your new Bear song is the best and I am sure it will be very popular.  I hope you don't mind but I downloaded it to use on my website. BIG HIT BUDA.COM Just listened to your "We Da Bears" song on the Brandmeier show this morning.(The Loop). Superbowl Shuffle my ass!  I think you guys are definitely on to something.  Hell, I'm also an Illini alum and loved "Tha Illini".  They should play both of those songs at their respective fields (Soldier and Memorial) for the team intros... My name is Ryan Gass and I am the administrator of BearsBoards.com, a popular Chicago Bears website. I was curious if it would be ok with you to feature your song on our site? would you mind if I use the first 37 sec of the song for a ring tone? thanks. David Carper, www.dabearz.com Hey. Not sure if you remember me, but we were going to feature "We Da Bears" in a story right before the Bears lost in the post-season. Anyway ... we're doing a story now and I'm mentioning your song. Any chance you can e-mail me the photo of you two that's on your Web site? Of both of you in Bears jerseys? Thanks ... and call me if you have any questions! Jamie Sotonoff, Daily Herald Staff Writer. Heard WE DA BEARS on Johnny B's show and LOVE IT!