After several years in other recording studios, I have acquired the knowledge, equipment and patience to operate my own recording studio. It is located in the Logan Square area of Chicago.  As an artist and engineer I'm able to give my clients a unique experience.  Often times I am asked for input on content, delivery, lyrics, hooks and song titles.  I treat each project like my own and I want all my clients to feel like they are getting a great deal on time, quality of sound and most importantly hot songs to use for their project.  I have included complete songs that were recorded, mixed and mastered in my studio.  If you like what you hear and can perform lyrics on the microphone, I could be a valuable asset to your projects. This is one of my favorite artist to record, a good friend and fellow performer....CHECK OUT "JANKY" THAT B*TCH SMELL GOOD by JANKY EDGAR ALLEN POE by JANKY Here are 2 songs that I recorded for my mixtape EXCLUSIVES BOOM BOOM POW (remix) by TIL DAWN MANDINGO (BIG EGO REMIX) - TIL DAWN RNJ & JB are young upcoming artists from the West & South side getting it in. GOONS N THE BUILDING by RNJ & J.B. KRHYME & Q.T. also bring that street flavor to the table. peep some of our work LAST LAUGH by KRHYME & Q.T I GET IT by KRHYME & Q.T. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can have all the equipment in the world but if the person doesn't perform the lyrics properly and/or you don't know how to mix and master...all is lost. MY FEE IS $20/HR. contact me @ to set up a time.